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Boulevard Ney – Est (18e)

Boulevard Ney – Est (18e).

Rue des Meuniers (12e)

Rue des Meuniers (12e).

Rue du Baigneur (18e) – A la recherche des Seapunkers parisiens…

Rue du Baigneur (18e) – A la recherche des Seapunkers parisiens…. L’introduction du Seapunk en France…

Originally posted on One Street One Song:
L’histoire de la genèse de Drive, et de son succès délirant en France l’année dernière, est une histoire qui s’écrit en musique. Je n’apprendrai rien à personne, le morceau “Nightcall,” de Kavinsky et Lovefoxxx, étant devenu l’hymne cinéphile 2011 (un peu de la même manière que “Just Like…

Psychogeographic Review 1: Drexciya vs. Rue des Poissonniers

Psychogeographic Review 1: Drexciya vs. Rue des Poissonniers.

Psychogeographic Reviews – Intro: A Revolution in Music Criticism (We Swear)

Psychogeographic Reviews – Intro: A Revolution in Music Criticism (We Swear).

PayolaMix vol. 11 – October 2011

What does it all mean? The truth is, I don’t know. The internet as yet holds no answers, that I am aware. Lately I’ve been asking myself why I write about music. The obvious answer is because I like it. It makes me happy. But that might as well be the only answer. And a … Continue reading

PayolaMix vol. 10

Hey y’all. It’s Fall. I won’t hide that I am way, way excited. There’s nothing quite like the in-between season, dragging along a bit from both ends, best-of-all-worlds type of thing. But I’ll let the music speak for such platitudes. Our man Kurt Vile launches with an instrumental track from his split EP with Woods, … Continue reading

Payola on Spotify!

For those of you fortunate enough to live in a country where Spotify has gained its ground, you don’t even have to go through the whole downloading hassle anymore. From now on, you’ll find most (some being as yet inaccessible via the Spot’s catalogue) of the PayolaMix songs, as well as other random tracks we … Continue reading

Summer Songwriting 10 – September Depression vs. Lemonade vs. The Rapture vs. Motorbass

It’s ten. As in PM. Summer’s over so night sets before nine now, which makes everyone depressed: you can tell by the way people dip extra-deep in the home-made guacamole, or seem to accompany every decent-but-nothing-to-write-home-about joke with an over-emphatic laugh and squeeze of the arm, your arm, or by the way they tend to … Continue reading